Privacy Policy

Holme Valley Wheelers Privacy Policy

What information does the club hold?

The club asks members for their names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and an emergency contact number. It also requires details of their British Cycling (BC), Cycling UK (CUK) or Triathlon England (TE) membership. This includes sufficient detail to show that the member has current third party insurance through that body, in case of an accident occurring during a club activity. The club holds that information for the current and previous two years, in case any issues come to light after the end of the year.
The club runs a number of time trials, under Cycling Time Trials Rules. It is required by these rules to hold the names and addresses of competitors, their dates of birth, names and addresses of an emergency contact, their times in similar events in the last 3 years. Competitors entering the event consent to providing this information and it is necessary in order to run an event. The club is required to keep this information for 4 years, in case any issues come to light. Usually there will be no doubt about the occurrence of an accident, but the ultimate prognosis may not be clear. In the case of a person under 18, the information will be kept for 4 years from their 18th birthday. The club may hold information regarding the outcome of any incident, in order to deal with any claims against the club or its insurers.
In any year the club will hold details of club kit purchased by individual members.
The names of club officials are shown on the website. Club Officials are aware that this information is available on the website and that their information will be made available to outside bodies on which they have agreed to represent the club.
Members are asked whether they wish to rejoin for the following year and for up to date personal information in November or December each year. They are left on the list of members until the day before the AGM, in February or March, and are left on the contact list during the year, as some members rejoin part way through the year. The contact list is used to advise members of the forthcoming club meetings, activities and events and of any club kit orders or other offers.
The Club Website and Facebook – A club member’s information may be shared on the club website, social media pages or in emails sent by the club. This data will only be shared in the event that either (s)he is a club volunteer, has participated in a race or activity or has recorded a major achievement. This data will be limited to name, race results (if applicable), activity undertaken and details of the achievement. Limited further information about him/her may be included; for example, whether (s)he has participated in a juniors’ race or a women’s race.
It is considered that the information stored by the club is necessary for the purpose of running the club for the benefit of all members.
This is likely to include (but will not be limited to) use of personal data for activities like:
Training and competition entry
Sharing data with club coaches or officials to provide club activities
Anonymised data analysed to monitor club trends.
Membership and club management
Processing of membership forms and payments
Sharing data at club meetings to provide information about club activities, membership renewals or invitation to social events;
Publishing of race and competition results
Website management.
Marketing and communications
Sending club information
Sending information about purchasing club kit.

Who has access to your data and is it safe?

The membership information is held on the Secretary’s computer that is password protected and on a Google application that is also password protected. The secretary has access to her computer and the Secretary and the Club Web Manager have access to the Google App.
Club officials may need to access members’ details, to enable them to carry out club business and would do this by requesting information from the Secretary or the Web Manager

How do you access or change your data?

All members are entitled to view their data and to amend and update it as necessary. The data is provided by the members in the expectation that it will be used for club purposes. Members consent to the provision of the information. It is also considered that there is a legitimate interest in the club keeping their information for as long as they are members, so that they can be advised of club AGMs and EGMs as required by the club rules and of other club activities. Members can request deletion of their data at any time, but the club could no longer provide them with the services provided to members. The club would have to determine whether it wished to rely on its right to process the data on the basis of legitimate interest, if the member wished to withdraw consent to its being held and what was in the best interest of the member and the club.
Any member who is dissatisfied by the way in which their data is dealt with may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office to complain.

This privacy policy will be amended from time to time to reflect changes in legislation and/or club practice.